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About Us

If you are like us, you have struggled to find lunches and dinners that are both incredibly convenient, and healthy. If you're like us, there are simply days where cooking from scratch is not an option. What to do? We are pleased to present a delicious option.

Our nutrition priorities are great taste, the satiation of protein and fiber, with sensible calories in a controlled portion size. No added sugar, oils, preservatives, wheat fillers, artificial colors or flavors are added benefits that are hard to find in a convenience food. Our soybeans are non-GMO, and our microwaveable package is BPA-free. The unique packaging requires no refrigeration and heats in 90 seconds in the microwave.

Actually, we think our desperation to find convenient, healthy meals led us to create products that are unique in the market place.

We love hearing your thoughts and comments on the way our products taste, and the dishes you would like to see and why. We invite you to contact us at

From our kitchen to yours, and wishing you good health,

Homestyle Simple